Sairat – Marathi Movie Review

Director                : Nagraj Manjule

It’s not a ground breaking movie, no CGIs, no big budget, no super stars yet this movie has won millions of hearts leading to a blockbuster hit in Marathi movies. The film stays grounded right from start to the end. We see a lot of South Indian movies which is built on a simple plot and stays truthful to the land & culture of the land. Sairat is definitely in that cadre.

The opening scene sets the tone. You know you are in for a good ride from the start. A simple plot where a village boy falls for village headman girl. How many films we have seen with this plot but the treatment by Director makes it different. The screenplay flows like a river where you and I know what happens next. This is not a movie where you can take your eyes from the screen even though you know what happens next. You want them to happen and it’s refreshing to see it on the screen.

The lead characters are new; it doesn’t seem so on the screen. The boy you see can be your next door boy who has an eye for his girl. The girl is simply fantastic, she dominates all. She has lived that character. The guy gets shy during proposal, she is straight and tell him. The supporting characters, the friends of hero deserve a special remark here. They make the 1st half enjoyable.

You know what happens when poor boy falls for a rich girl. The girl’s family opposes and the couple run off. Caught by police, they separate and again they run. This is where you can see the director has extended the plot on how difficult the life can be on ground zero. Of course, there is a savior but the savior does whatever she could do. The couple settle in and go about their job. He does job as helper for the savior and she works in a nearby factory. All goes well and they have a baby. You can see the happiness is in their faces after the ordeal. The director prepares you for the unexpected and you have to see it on the screen to feel it.

It’s a great movie which I thoroughly enjoyed it (with subtitles) and you will when you watch it.

My rating             : ****


*****   – Lifetime movie.

****     – Excellent

***        – Good

**           – Bad

*             – Worst


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